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Our prices vary according to the stylist; the years of experience and specialization of technique. We offer a full range of Salon Services including Cutting, Coloring and Styling. Henia’s belief is that not every hair cut should be the same. Our pricing reflects the differences between a basic hair cut to a creative hair design and style which involves more expertise in choosing the right style for each individual. With Henia’s technique, after a wet cut and blowdry the style is re-evaluated and refined as needed to compliment the client’s features.

   *Coloring and/or cutting particularly long or textured hair may require a price increase.

Hair Services

  • Haircut    $65
  • Creative Hair Design & Style    $75+
  • Clipper cut    $40+
  • Beard or Bang Trim    $10-$15
  • Wash and Blowdry    $45+
  • Roller Set    $40+
  • Hair and Scalp Treatment    $25-$35
  • Up-Do Styling    $75+
  • Children's Hair Cut    $25+

Hair Coloring

We do everything from basic color to multi-dimension color by using a range of shades according to several factors including: hair type, original color and clients desired outcome. We offer our professional advice on how to maintain your new look afterward with home care and product usage.
*We offer a complimentary Glossing with any color process.

  • Single Process  $85+
  • Double Process   $185+
  • Foil Highlights (Full head)   $125-$200
  • Foil Highlights (Partial)   $95-$125+
  • Single Foil   $10/Foil
  • Glossing   $35+

Additional Services

  • Permanent Wave    $165
  • Beach Wave    $150+
  • Spiral Waves    $165+
  • Root Perm    $165+
  • Anti-Frizz Treatment by Yuko    $350+
    The treated hair will be smoother, shinier, and more manageable. The wave pattern will become looser and it will retain some body and wave.
  • Yuko Straightening (6 hrs)    $650+
    Japanese permanant hair straightening will look shiny and healthy. The main active ingredient is the Yuko Straightening System is Ammonium Thioglycolate. This ingredient is safe, free of formaldehyde and all carcinogens.
  • Keratin Smoothing Treatment (3 hrs)   $350+
    This protein based treatment smooths, conditions and strengthens the hair. Perfect for straightening or de-frizzing unruly locks. Instantly adds shine and manageability for any hair type. It can be used on color treated or chemically processed hair as well.


We offer a full line of Wigs designed by the Raquel Welch Collection. Wigs are available in different types of hair including human hair and synthetic hair. For pricing on all High-Fashioned, Custom Designed Wigs please inquire.

  • Consultation    $65*
  • *Consultation included free with wig purchase
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We offer several different types of hair extensions including human hair and synthetic extensions depending on your needs and desires. Depending on the method used, home care and products and your own hairs natural growth, the extensions will last weeks to months.

  • Clip in extensions use pressure sensitive clips that add length, volume and color. They can be easily removed, are cost effective, require less maintenance and last longer.
  • Micro-beaded method extensions require no heat or glue. These pre-tipped extensions are easy to apply and remove, do not damage your hair and last as long as the methods using heat.
  • Fusion extensions are pre-tipped with a keratin protein bond and applied with heat. The bond is kind to the hair and equally gentle to remove.
  • Consultation    $65*
  • *Consultation included free with hair extension purchase
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